January 25, 2017
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January 25, 2017
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Pipe Handling System

PH Hydraulics & Engineering has developed to be one of the leading Pipe Handling Systems manufacturer within the Asia-Pacific region. A typical Pipe Lay Vessel would be equipped with a Pipe Tensioner, an Abundant and Recovery (A/R) Winch, Rollers to transport pipes within the vessel, pipe davits and Mooring Winches. At PH Hydraulics, we are able to design, custom make these equipment and put them together to create a Pipe Handling System.


Pipe Tensioner

  • Is used to hold the pipes in place as well as preventing the pipes from clinking.
  • Enables the operator to lay pipes onto the sea bed at a consistent speed to control the angle in which the pipe enters into the waters.
  • Operates in shallow waters of about 100m to 300m and can be adjusted to suit deep water operations.
  • Can hold pipes of about 12 meters in length and 60 inches in diameter. The largest tonnage PH has built to date is 2 units of 100 ton Hydraulic Driven tensioners.

Pipe Rollers

  • Comprising a series of different rollers. Mainly line up stations, conveyors, elevators and pipe transfer vehicles.
  • Used to transport pipe joints within the vessel before actual pipe lay operation begins.
  • Hydraulic driven.

Pipe Davits

  • A-frame with a hydraulic driven winch at the rear.
  • Found on the side of barges and are used for lifting rigid sub-sea pipe lines from the sea bed for repairs and maintenance.
  • Usually come in a series of 3 to 5 davit cranes.

Mooring Winches

  • Use to moor the vessel forward while laying pipes.
  • Has global positioning dynamics to guide the vessel on a straight course.
  • Enables the vessel to move in a uniform direction while laying pipes.
  • On some occasions, operators use mooring winches as anchor winches to anchor a vessel down while not in operation.