About Us

Established in 1975, we are the leading equipment supplier of Oil & Gas, Marine and Industrial sector. We are a team of dedicated professionals that continually seek customized solutions that meet customer’s requirements. We believe each customer comes with different requirements and we are ready to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to provide a turnkey solution. Driven by technology and innovation, we provide a competitive edge to our customers worldwide.

We are much more than just providing turnkey solutions. We deliver quality, reliability and customized solutions that improve operational efficiency that brings about a sustainable performance.

From our offices in Singapore, Malaysia and China, we are deeply committed to our customers. Our extensive track record and long-standing relationship with our key customers prove that we have delivered turnkey solutions that are readily accepted by customers, within schedule and ready for commercial operations.

About Us


We aspire to provide reliable and sustainable turnkey solutions that are in sync with customer’s requirements using technology and innovation to enhance operational efficiency globally.
About Us


To provide customers the most compelling experience possible through active collaboration and leveraging on our technical know-how to advance customer’s interest globally.
About Us

Core Values

We have a common set of core values and beliefs that guide our decision making and how we live our everyday life.
About Us


We maintain the highest level of integrity and we deliver what we promise. Integrity is the foundation of trust amongst us and with our customers.
About Us


We take responsibility for our own actions. We believe in doing right the first time and are accountable to ourselves and our customers.
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We communicate proactively and respect views of everyone. We discuss openly and listen intently and collaborate with each other to seek the best solution for our customers.
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Valuing our customers

Long-term relationship with our customers is what we value. We take a proactive approach with our customers and manage expectations from the start. We listen and adapt to customers. We accord customers with respect and dignity. We do not disappoint.
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Health and Safety

We place a strong emphasis on health and safety. Every life is important, and we are relentless to pursue a zero-accident objective and seek continuous improvement to our work environment.
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Diversity, equity and inclusion

We embrace diversity. We recognize that our differences make us stronger. We insist of a culture of respect and recognize words and actions matter. We all share equal responsibility to create a positive culture and to safeguard equity, inclusion, dignity and respect for all.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment are the pillars of our work processes. These pillars govern how we manage the organization and ensuring our solutions meet customer’s requirements and we comply to relevant codes and standards. Our people are responsible and accountable for the management system and audits are fixed periodically to allow us to calibrate and enhance our approach in managing projects.

Our main objectives are

  1. Maintain a zero-accident and injury free workplace.
  2. Ensure strict compliance to relevant codes and standards.
  3. Improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency by remaining consistent with procedures and work instructions.
  4. Integrate safety features as an integral part of our solutions.
  5. Recognize that we can impact the environment in a positive way.