FPSO: Riser-Pull In System
January 25, 2017
Pipe Handling System
January 25, 2017
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PH Hydraulics & Engineering winches are hydraulically or electrically driven. The basic fundamentals of designing and manufacturing a winch are applied to all of our winches in order to maintain a consistent and reliable performance. We have gained many years of experience manufacturing winches are we are constantly improving our designs to suit the demands of our customers.


Our Winches are class and have approvals from DNV, ABS, BV, CCS and Llyods

Purpose of a Winch:

  • To lift and lower loads in a controlled manner whilst controlling the position and protecting the wire rope.
  • The installed power should be sufficient to move the load at the required speed.
  • The design to include both static and dynamic brakes.
  • The winch specification is defined by rope size and length, line speed and line pull.

Anchor windlass:

  • Used to lift and lower a heavy anchor.
  • Anchor chain wraps around a gypsy wheel which contains pockets to engage the links of the chain.
  • Gypsy wheel is driven through a gear ratio to the prime mover to achieve a designed load and speed.
  • Band brakes are fitted to the gypsy for controlled emergency release when the windlass is not active.

Double Drum Multi-Purpose Winch:

  • Designed as a double drum 250 ton waterfall compact multi-purpose winch system.
  • The A/R Drum is used for deep water pipe laying application.
  • Mooring handling drum (M/H) is used for deep water anchor handling and mooring.
  • Mooring drum is fitted with a range of chain handling gypsy wheel attachment.
  • Design allows the power of all 6 motors to be directed to either the A/R or M/H drum.

Mooring Winch

  • Used to moor the vessel forward while laying pipes.
  • Has global positioning dynamics to guide the vessel on a straight course.
  • Enables the vessel to move in a uniform direction while laying pipes.
  • On some occasions, operators use mooring winches as anchor winches to anchor a vessel down while not in operation.

Abandonment and Recovery (A/R) Winch

  • Is used when the pipe lay operation cease due to poor weather conditions. When weather condition improves, this winch is used to recover the pipes from the sea-bed to continue its pipe lay operations.
  • While laying pipes, there could be some damages to the joints between each pipe and this winch is used to recover the pipes from the sea-bed and bring it on deck for further repairs.

Riser Pull in Winch

  • Riser Pull in Winch. This winch is used to pull the Riser or Umbilical from the sea bed. Such risers can weigh as much as 200 ton.