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January 25, 2017
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August 7, 2018
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Offshore Drilling Platform

Jack-up Rigs and Semi-submersible rigs have a requirement for an offshore drilling platform as part of its drilling process. PH Hydraulics offers customized drilling packages and we work with our partners and understand their needs to create a package that can improve their operations.


PH’s Jack Up packages are class with ABS approval.

Conductor Tensioning Platform

  • Installed onto a jack-up rig to contain the conductor tensioning unit.
  • Allows the conductor tensioning unit panels to skid and fold laterally to perform drilling on either side of the platform.

Conductor Tensioning Unit

  • To firmly hold in place a drilling conductor.
  • Installed together with CTP.
  • Applies an upward tension to the conductor to prevent it from slipping into the sea bed.

Skidding Systems

  • An electrical driven hydraulic mechanical system to skid the 3000 tons weight cantilever structure from its storage position to its drill position.