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January 25, 2017
FPSO: Turret Mooring System
January 25, 2017
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FPSO: Spread Mooring System

A FPSO is a floating oil refinery and a spread mooring system holds the FPSO in a fixed position while pipes carrying oil is connected to the vessel. A Spread mooring system is used to anchor the FPSO and such systems typically have 24 units of Fairleads, 4 units of Chain Jacks and Chain Stoppers and 4 units Chain Handling system installed on deck.



  • 24 units of Fairleads on a FPSO.
  • Used for anchoring an FPSO while processing oil.
  • To allow supply vessels to operate closer to the FPSO to supply daily necessities and support FPSO’s operations.
  • Used to divert the anchoring chain from the chain stopper.

Chain Jacks and Chain Stoppers

  • A system using cylinders to lift anchoring chains when FPSO is required to move away from site.
  • Used to secure the top link of the chain on deck the FPSO.
  • Tensioning chains when the FPSO is anchored down.

Chain Handling System

  • A system used to divert excess chains from the chain jack while the chains are being pulled up.
  • Makes use of an auxiliary winch on the top of the chain handling system to hoist excess chains.

The Spread Mooring Systems are class with ABS approval.