FPSO: Turret Mooring System
January 25, 2017
January 25, 2017
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FPSO: Riser-Pull In System


A typical Riser Pull in System consists of:

  • Riser Pull in Winch. This winch is used to pull the Riser or Umbilical from the sea bed. Such risers can weigh as much as 200 ton.
  • Sheave Trolley. This trolley is used together with the Deviation Sheave; it will guide the Wire Rope from Riser-Pull In Winch for connection to the Riser before any pull in operation is possible. Typical FPSO will have many Riser Slot, therefore the Sheave Trolley are movable along the Rail with the Skidding System to position the Deviation Sheave on top of the desired Riser Slot.

The Spread Mooring Systems are class with ABS and DNV approval.