About Us

Established in 1975, PH Hydraulics & Engineering is Asia’s leading offshore deck equipment manufacturer. A team of dedicated professionals continue to innovate and deliver customized solutions that have enabled PH to stay ahead of its competitors and strengthen its position.

Our core product categories are:

  1. Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Deck Equipment.
  2. Pipe Lay Equipment.
  3. Offshore Drilling Platforms.
  4. Hydraulic and Electrical Winches.

We believe in providing customized solutions. We apply our technical know-how and experience to design robust equipment that caters to different environment.

Our Values

All PH Hydraulics & Engineering staff has a common set of core beliefs that guide their work ethics and ultimately their values in life.

Health and Safety Mindset

PH places a strong emphasis on Health and Safety. Every life is important and we continuously strive towards zero accident and seek improvement to our work environment.


It is utmost importance that all staff maintains the highest level of Integrity at all times. It is through Integrity where trust is built amongst staff and customers.

People Centric & Teams

Every individual is an asset. Through development and training, the company is able to sustain its operation and continue innovating new products. Teams are formed to execute project management and motivate each other to perform beyond individual capabilities.


Nothing short of Excellence should prevail at PH. Staff must continuously strive towards Excellence and provide the highest level of quality products and services to our customers in the most effective and efficient way.

Open Communication

Early and accurate information communicated will help eliminate unnecessary corrections. We encourage open dialogues to improve in our operations. We listen hard and let our hands do the talking.

Strategic Vision

To advance and leverage PH Hydraulic’s resources in sync with technological changes so as to provide quality and reliable equipment and services to our customers worldwide.